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作为过滤技术和热管理领域的领导者,UFI集团于11月28日-12月1日连续第四年亮相上海法兰克福汽配展(2号馆 2E64展台),彰显了UFI集团作为世界领先OE供应商在欧洲及亚洲市场的专业实力并展示了诸多为中国售后市场研发制造的过滤解决方案。

 UFI Filters Group, leader in filtration and thermal management, is present for the fourth consecutive year at Automechanika Shanghai, from November 28th to December 1st, National Exhibition Center Hall 2 Stand 2E64, where it showcases its expertise as a Global Tier 1 Supplier of Original Equipment not only in Europe, but also in Asia, and focuses on its presence in the local Aftermarket sector.

 作为过滤技术和热管理领域的领导者,UFI集团于11月28日-12月1日连续第四年亮相上海法兰克福汽配展(2号馆 2E64展台),彰显了UFI集团作为世界领先OE供应商在欧洲及亚洲市场的专业实力并展示了诸多为中国售后市场研发制造的过滤解决方案。


An unprecedented new stand for the Asian and China market, the UFI stand and SOFIMA in line with the layout of the Frankfurt fair by the same name, is presented as a set of graphic and architectural elements that enhance the link between tradition and new technologies. A private area on the upper floor recalls the traditional form of a filter on a structural level, while on the ground floor there is a special "entertainment area" with a Formula 1 driving simulator. UFI Filters, in fact, is recognized as a preferred supplier by many F1 teams, and this year there are over 100 UFI filters used during each Grand Prix. Visitors can therefore test their driving skills and experience the feeling of actually driving a Formula 1 car.



All the spotlight will be on the Group's flagship product: the NEW revolutionary engine air filtration system, UFI MULTITUBE, will be on display at the UFI and SOFIMA booth. The patented UFI modular technology replaces the traditional air filter panel ensuring better filtration performance and increased engine power in a small space. 

此次展出的龙头产品为UFI MULTITUBE,一项发动机空气过滤领域的革新技术。这款UFI模块化专利技术可取代传统板式空气过滤器,确保即使在较小空间布局的情况下不仅能提升过滤性能,还可极大程度提高发动机功率。


Among the other products exhibited at the fair and belonging to the SOFIMA range, we find the petrol filters S 1833 B and S 1840 B, supplied as original equipment to FAW Audi, which guarantee long mileage and a very high degree of filtration of the corpuscular pollutants. A pressure regulating valve, with high precision characteristics, that ensures low noise levels and manages the flow control of the fuel supply keeping it constant on both filters.

现场同时展出的还有UFI集团旗下索菲玛滤清器的多款产品,其中汽油滤清器 S 1883 B 和S 1840 B是为一汽奥迪提供的OE产品,在确保能长里程数工作的同时,也可达到高质量过滤微小颗粒污染物的性能效果。内部的高精度压力调节阀可降低噪音水平,并控制燃油流量,使其在两个滤清器上保持恒定。


We also have the activated carbon canister filter, for Volvo applications, UFI code 27.A98.00, which filters the vapors emitted from the tank to prevent them from spreading into the atmosphere, thus ensuring a containment of emissions in accordance with China 6 standards.

应用于沃尔沃汽车的活性炭筒滤清器(UFI 编号 27.A98.00)可防止过滤筒中排放出的蒸汽扩散至大气环境中,排放控制符合中国的国六排放标准。


The oil filter for Porsche applications, UFI code 25.149.00, which in a limited space offers high filtration performance: greater than 50% for particles up to 19μm according to ISO 4548. The aluminum body and the plastic cap have a resistance to burst up to 40 bar.

为保时捷汽车提供的机油滤清器(UFI编号 25.149.00)可在有限空间内保持较高的过滤性能:根据ISO 4548标准,半径小至19μm的固体颗粒效率高于50%。铝制机身和塑料盖的抗压力高达40 巴。


The cabin filter for FAW Audi S 0835 C applications, which offers the best protection inside the vehicle from dust, pollen, soot and combustion gases present in the atmosphere.

应用于一汽奥迪的S 0835 C空调滤清器可为车内的驾乘者提供最佳保护效果,防止大气中的灰尘、花粉、烟尘和燃烧气体进入车内。


The high water separation fuel filter supplied in Shanghai Diesel first (SDEC), available in the China Aftermarket catalog with the code S 4071 NR, which offers a filtration capacity over 93%.

为上柴股份研发的水分离燃油滤清器应用于上海柴油机,过滤效果高达93%以上,首次归入中国售后市场产品目录,编号为S 4071 NR。


The oil filter for Land Rover applications, 100% recyclable eco-friendly, which ensures a filtration capacity of over 90% for particles greater than 6.9μm, filter media in synthetic fibers with high permeability index and thermal and chemical compatibility.

搭载于路虎汽车的汽油滤清器100%可回收,是一种环保滤清器,对于小至6.9 μm的颗粒过滤效率超过90%以上,所使用的过滤介质是由合成纤维制成,具有高渗透率以及高热化学相容性。


In addition to these, other SOFIMA products for PSA applications and UFI branded filters for Audi, Volvo, Bentley and Mercedes will also be on display.



Luca Betti, Director of the UFI Group Aftermarket Business Unit, said: "The UFI Group is taking part for the fourth edition of Automechanika Shanghai, the most important exhibition for automotive components in Asia. This is an event not to be missed for SOFIMA brand, better known in China and Asia, both in the OEM market and in the Aftermarket, but also for UFI brand, launched last year as a premium brand. In China, the Group arrived in the 1980’s and today has 5 factories, a constantly growing research and development center and a production site in Chongqing that will be inaugurated in the first quarter of 2019".

UFI集团售后事业部总监Luca Betti表示: “这是UFI集团第四次参次上海法兰克福汽配展,这是亚洲最重要的汽车零部件展会,也是索菲玛产品的一次集中展示,可以帮助中国和亚洲其他地区的OEM和售后市场更好地了解索菲玛和我们去年面向高端汽车市场推出的UFI滤清器。UFI集团于20世纪80年代进入中国,如今已有5家工厂和1家不断发展的研发中心,2019年第一季度位于重庆的制造基地也将落成并投入使用。”


Entering China in 1983, UFI Group set up Sofima Automotive Filter (Shanghai) Co., Ltd in Qingpu in 1996, to meet the growing demands for filter products in the local market. Since then, the company has established four more facilities in China, respectively Sofima Automotive Filter Aftermarket Division (Shanghai), Sofima Automotive Filter (Changchun), UFI Filters (Shanghai), SOFIMA Industrial Filters (Shanghai), one R&D Centre, more than 2,200 staff, and produces about 154,000 filters in China every day. Every month, around 100 containers are transported to overseas markets such as Europe, North America, Japan and Australia. Many world famous automotive groups choose UFI Filters made in China, including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, VW, GM, Hyundai, Ford, FCA, Iveco. 6 out of 7 of the major worldwide car manufacturer choose UFI and Sofima Filters.



Established in Italy in 1971, UFI Group, with its two brands UFI and Sofima, is now represented in 16 countries, 4 continents and employs over 4,000 employees in more than 20 front offices. In 2017, the Group produced 68 million filters across their 14 production sites creating turnover of € 435 million and confirming UFI’s double-digit sales growth achieved and maintained since 2009.



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